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cerraduras inteligentes

Smart locks in Málaga

Improving security and simplifying everyday life finds its perfect ally in smart locks. These advanced devices not only safeguard your home, but also offer conveniences that transform the experience of getting in and out.

Consejos de un cerrajero si pierdo las llaves

What to do if I lose my keys? Tips from a locksmith

We know that losing your house keys can be a stressful situation. Try to keep a cool head in order to sensibly assess the options available. Avoid risky actions that may endanger your health or aggravate the problem.

Instalación de escudo protector para cerradura

Installation of lock escutcheon

In Cerrajero La Paz we are experts in installation of protective shield for locks. If your home or business is located anywhere on the Costa del Sol, we can come as quickly as possible to reinforce security.

puertas blindadas

Locks for armoured doors in Malaga

Safety in the home is a top priority for everyone. Reinforced doors provide an additional level of protection, but even these doors can be vulnerable if they have old or insecure locks. Imagine the worry of knowing that your door,

puertas blindadas y acorazadas

Opening of armoured and reinforced doors

In Cerrajero La Paz we are dedicated to providing an exceptional service of opening armoured and reinforced doors. We serve clients anywhere on the Costa del Sol, from Marbella to Malaga city. If you need a professional, contact us, we

cerradura dura

Stiff lock, professional solutions

When a stiff lock prevents you from accessing your home or business it is sometimes necessary to call in a locksmith. First of all we must rule out that it is a simple problem of dirt or lubrication, as these

Cambiar la cerradura de gorjas

Changing the lever tumbler lock

Whatever the brand, today’s lever tumbler locks have a very low level of security. Any professional locksmith with the right tool can open it in a few seconds. The bad news is that many burglars and squatters also manage to

Consejos para evitar ser estafado por un cerrajero en Málaga

How to avoid locksmith scams in Malaga

You may have heard of a locksmith scam in Malaga, or perhaps unfortunately you have been involved in one yourself. If you’re afraid it might happen again, here are some tips to help you play it safer. How to avoid

Cambiar el bombín o poner escudo

Change the lock or fit a shield

If you want to update your lock to increase the security of your home or business but you are not sure whether it is more important to change the cylinder or the escutcheon, below we explain the advantages of renewing

Cerradura antibumping para tu casa o negocio en Málaga

Anti-bumping lock for your home or business in Malaga

If you want your property to be safe and secure at all times, start by upgrading your access locks. An anti-bumping lock for your home or business will give you greater security and peace of mind. Cerrajero La Paz is