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Change the lock or fit a shield

Cambiar el bombín o poner escudo

If you want to update your lock to increase the security of your home or business but you are not sure whether it is more important to change the cylinder or the escutcheon, below we explain the advantages of renewing each of these elements. In principle, from our point of view as locksmiths, changing the cylinder is more important if you do not have a modern lock.

As we have mentioned in previous articles, there are various techniques that allow certain locks to be opened in a matter of seconds. In other words, in less than a minute the lock you thought was protecting you is unlocked. In some cases the systems for unlocking locks are so discreet that they do not even cause damage.

There are cases where burglars have broken in and the owners have not realised until days or weeks later when they have missed a valuable item.

It should be borne in mind that the vast majority of burglaries in homes and businesses are carried out using the methods of impression keys or bumping. The old locks that are present on the vast majority of entrance doors are very easy to open with the right tools. And nowadays, with the ease of access to information and professional tools, it is very tempting for any thief.

We therefore strongly recommend that you replace your door lock. There is little point in having an armoured door if the security level of the lock is low. There really are no excuses because you can get good cylinders for less than 100 euros, just call us and we will come to advise you and replace your lock.

Should I put up a shield?

The shield is used to stop forceful attacks, e.g. by means of drills. This element is made of high-strength alloys that deter most thieves, as it involves more time and material expenditure.

When we have had to force shields to gain access to our clients’ homes or businesses, we have been able to see the extraordinary resistance of these security elements. One has to invest in specific and high quality material, and even then it is not easy.

Therefore, the shield is not essential but, of course, if you have a good lock with a shield, the burglar is more likely to try another house without a shield. It may sound selfish, but it is the reality. A thief, unless he has a special interest in stealing something, will always economise on time and resources.

Change cylinder and escutcheon

Without a doubt, changing the cylinder and the escutcheon at the same time is the ideal option. If your budget allows it, this is the most advisable option in our experience.

If you would like our services and advice, call us today or send us a whatsapp. We are a team of professional locksmiths who provide 24 hour service throughout the Costa del Sol, from Marbella to Malaga city.

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