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Smart locks in Málaga

cerraduras inteligentes

Improving security and simplifying everyday life finds its perfect ally in smart locks. These advanced devices not only safeguard your home, but also offer conveniences that transform the experience of getting in and out.

They are able to manage keyless entry and even take remote control from your mobile phone. Smart locks open a new chapter in security and convenience for your home. In this article, we’ll explore how these innovative locks are shaping the future of residential protection and how we can help you install them in your home or business.

How do smart locks work?

Despite their apparent complexity, smart locks are actually quite simple to operate. Once installed on the door, each model follows specific steps.

One of the most common options is to pair the phone via Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi. This establishes a connection to the relevant mobile application. The app not only configures the lock’s functions, but also manages its use efficiently.

The system, which secures both entry and prevents unauthorised access, is highly secure. In case of any failure, you can always resort to a traditional key. In addition, all information is encrypted, and every opening of the door is immediately notified to your mobile phone.

Opening systems for smart locks

Beyond installation and connectivity, smart locks are distinguished by the variety of methods they offer for opening or closing the door. These are some of the most common access modes:

  1. From the mobile application: Just install and configure the application on your phone. Some locks even allow access without opening the application when the mobile phone is within range. You will be able to access it as if you were a Jedi Master.
  2. Paneles táctiles o numéricos: Permiten introducir un PIN o contraseña como método de acceso.
  3. Biometric systems: Some locks incorporate e.g. fingerprint readers for secure access.
  4. Geolocation: Models with this feature offer automatic locking and unlocking as you approach your home.
  5. Radio Frequency (RFID): These use RFID cards or key fobs and are common in environments such as hotels.
  6. Traditional key: Some models, in addition to their smart function, include the mechanical back-up of a traditional key.
  7. Web access: Some smart locks in case of emergency allow you to unlock the lock from a website, useful in situations such as losing your mobile phone or running out of battery.

As you can see, they are a good solution as an anti-burglar lock or simply to avoid the hassle of losing your keys.

How much does a smart lock cost?

When venturing into the world of smart locks, it is essential to bear in mind that the price can vary considerably depending on the features and brand. Typically, a mid-range smart lock starts at around 100 euros.

The cost increases with features such as: remote control capability, integration with smart home systems, and advanced access methods. In addition, the reputation of the brand and its track record in the market also influence the final price.

These are not exorbitant prices at all, in fact you can find very good locks in the price range between 100 and 300 euros. It is becoming increasingly affordable to improve the security of your home with innovative technology.

It is crucial to remember that, in addition to the cost of the lock itself, there are other factors to consider when planning your home security investment. In situations where the assistance of a locksmith is required for installation, it is necessary to add the professional’s fees and travel expenses to the estimate.

Our recommendation as professional locksmiths is to hire an expert service, which guarantees the correct installation and configuration of the smart lock. If you live in Malaga you can contact Cerrajero La Paz for advice and a personalised quote.

Guide to choosing the perfect smart lock

When choosing a smart lock, it is essential to consider a number of features to ensure that it suits your needs and provides the desired security. Here is a complete guide to make your choice easier:

  1. Design and materials: Evaluate the materials used in the manufacture of the lock, and always choose the best quality. See how it fits different types of doors and cylinders.
  2. Configuration: Examines the ease and methods of configuring the lock. Some allow configuration directly from the phone, while others offer customisable options directly from the lock.
  3. Smart features: Investigate the lock’s capabilities, such as remote opening, varied unlocking methods and the ability to query the log from the web.
  4. How it works: Once installed and configured, find out how it works on a day-to-day basis in the reviews. Are there frequent errors? Does it efficiently recognise opening systems? Does it open and close the door as needed?
  5. Long-lasting batteries: Evaluate the types of batteries the lock uses, they tend to last a long time, but if they run out you may have a problem.
  6. Remote control and keyless access: Prioritise locks that offer remote control via a mobile app and keyless access options such as PIN codes, RFID cards or biometrics.
  7. Activity log and notifications: Search for locks with detailed activity logging. Real-time notifications are also very useful to keep you informed about who is accessing your home and when.
  8. Integration with smart home: If your home is already a smart home, check if the lock integrates to automate processes and improve energy efficiency.
  9. User management and connectivity: Opt for locks that allow the creation of customised user profiles and offer a variety of connectivity options, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  10. Voice assistant compatibility: If you are looking for more convenience, choose locks that are compatible with voice assistants.

By taking these aspects into account, you will undoubtedly be able to make an informed decision. As professional locksmiths we can help you select the smart lock that perfectly fits your needs and lifestyle. We can also take care of the entire installation.

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