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What to do if I lose my keys? Tips from a locksmith

Consejos de un cerrajero si pierdo las llaves

We know that losing your house keys can be a stressful situation. Try to keep a cool head in order to sensibly assess the options available. Avoid risky actions that may endanger your health or aggravate the problem.

Not to be dramatic, but it is easy to find in the press cases that have ended in accident or tragedy because someone lost their house keys and decided to climb up to gain access to their home. The result is a bad fall, broken bones or in the worst case an unnecessary death.

There are also cases of people or friends who think they know a trick to open doors. In most cases they end up damaging frames, locks, and in short, making the situation worse. Especially when it comes to armoured doors, let alone armoured doors.

This is also a frequent problem for holiday rental management companies. Tenants lose them when they go on excursions, when they go to the beach or when they go out partying.

Ideally, as in any emergency situation, professional advice and assistance should be sought. In this case, what you need is a locksmith to help you solve the problem safely and efficiently. If you live in Malaga, you can contact us now and we will come as soon as possible.

What do I do if I lose my house keys?

If you’ve lost your house keys and have no way of getting into your home, you’re in trouble. A quite frequent variant is to leave the keys inside the house and even the keys in the lock.

Any of these situations are distressing, so here are some recommendations:

  1. Keep calm: This is easy to say, but depending on the circumstances and the personality of each person, anxiety, stress, etc. can sometimes be over-activated. For example, if it turns out that an appliance has been left on or a baby is left alone in the house. Whatever the case, it is essential to try to advocate for the situation as calmly as possible.
  2. Search for lost keys: We’ve all thought we’ve lost our keys, only to find that they’re in a pocket, backpack, car, desk at work or somewhere else. Mentally review all your actions until you are certain that you have lost them. Retrace your steps because those places where you think they may have disappeared, you may be lucky.
  3. Contact people who have a copy of the key: If you live with family or friends, contact them to see if they have a copy handy and can open the door for you. It is never a bad idea to leave one or two copies of keys with people you trust.
  4. Contact a professional locksmith: this is where we come into play, if the previous points have failed, it is time to call in a locksmith to examine the problem and proceed to open the lock without damaging the door. In Malaga we offer emergency services to provide 24 hour attention, call us and we will come as soon as possible.
  5. Change the lock: If you have lost the keys, it is advisable to replace the lock or cylinder. You don’t know in whose hands those keys may have ended up, so if you don’t want any unpleasant surprises, take the opportunity to install a modern, secure lock for greater peace of mind.

Additional recommendations from a locksmith

If you have home insurance or a home assistance service, you should check whether you are covered for lost keys or the help of a locksmith. Many insurance policies include this type of cover.

If you are absent-minded and often misplace your house keys, it might be a good idea to consider a different type of lock. Technologies have come a long way in recent years. Nowadays it is easy and safe to install electronic or smart locks.

Finally, as mentioned above, it is a good idea to share a couple of copies of the keys with people you trust: parents, siblings, neighbours, your lawyer, etc. This way, if you lose your house keys again, you will have a simple and cost-free solution.

Remember that the security of your home is paramount, so act quickly and take the necessary steps to ensure that your property is protected. If in doubt, it is always advisable to consult a professional locksmith.

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