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Anti-bumping lock for your home or business in Malaga

Cerradura antibumping para tu casa o negocio en Málaga

If you want your property to be safe and secure at all times, start by upgrading your access locks. An anti-bumping lock for your home or business will give you greater security and peace of mind.

Cerrajero La Paz is a company specialising in locksmith services for homes and businesses in Malaga. We pride ourselves on offering high quality lock changing services. We have a team of experienced locksmiths who are available to provide lock changing services at any time of the day, every day of the week.

What is bumping

Bumping is a procedure that many locksmiths started to use to open the doors of homeowners who had lost their keys or had forgotten them inside. Like any other security knowledge, it was only a matter of time before thieves learned it to break in.

The technique consists of using a bumping key whose shape can be matched to a large number of locks. In other words, it is not an ordinary key, but a kind of master or universal key. This key is inserted into the lock and is struck until all the pins of the cylinder pop out. The operation can take less than 20 seconds and allows the key to be turned and opened without any problems.

Why do you need an anti-bumping lock?

Conventional locks that are more than 5 or 10 years old can give a false sense of security. It doesn’t matter if they are well-known brands, in fact the best-selling ones suffer from this security breach. On the Internet and especially on social networks, there are many videos circulating demonstrating how easy it is to pick a lock using the bumping method.

It is estimated that 3 out of 4 locks in Spain today can be picked using the bumping method. This is why it is the preferred method of home invasion or burglary, especially in second homes. But it’s so quick and easy, they actually use it to break in anywhere.

An anti-bumping lock is a necessary security measure for any home, premises or business that houses valuables. If you want to sleep peacefully and not wake up with the unpleasant feeling that you have been burgled, our recommendation is to change the lock as soon as possible.

We understand that security is one of the main concerns of homeowners and that is why we make sure that our services are affordable and reliable for all our customers.

Benefits of having an anti-bumping lock

  • Greater peace of mind, as it is logical to have better security systems always frees us from worries. If you have precious, high-value property or simply want to protect your family, you should have your lock changed.
  • Insurance cover, a lock picked by bumping may not leave any marks, so your insurance will probably not consider it a burglary. On the other hand, picking an anti-bumping lock is more complicated and does leave evidence of theft.
  • Patented keys are designed so that they cannot be copied and therefore hinder the bumping method.
  • Quality and more resistant materials, both the lock cylinders and the pins are made with materials that offer great resistance, it is common to use alloys with high resistance steel, which reinforces the lock and increases the cost of forcing it with drills or other tools.
  • Security cylinder, this is a special system that prevents the cylinder from being removed from the lock.
  • Anti-picking system, an old but very effective tool in expert hands, anti-bumping locks also have mechanisms to prevent this tool from penetrating and manipulating the pins.

In addition to lock changes, we also offer other locksmith services such as the installation of high security locks like multipoint locks or electronic locks, door opening, lock repair and more. We serve all the towns on the Costa del Sol, from Torremolinos to Marbella.

At Locksmith La Paz, your security is our top priority and we are committed to offering the best locksmith services to guarantee your peace of mind. If you live in Malaga call today and find out more without obligation.

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