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Installation of lock escutcheon

Instalación de escudo protector para cerradura

In Cerrajero La Paz we are experts in installation of protective shield for locks. If your home or business is located anywhere on the Costa del Sol, we can come as quickly as possible to reinforce security.

Whether you have suffered a burglary, want to implement preventive or deterrent measures, we can help you to improve access security.

Contact us today, we will answer any questions you may have, recommend the best quality-price-safety ratio shield and give you a no-obligation quote. If approved, we will come as soon as possible to carry out the repair or installation of the lock escutcheon.

What is a protective shield

This is a security device that is placed around a lock. There are different designs to suit all types of locks to protect the cylinder.

On any door provide an additional layer of protection against tampering or forced entry. It is commonly used to strengthen lock security and prevent common burglary techniques such as bumping, picking and breaking.

These protective shields are usually made of strong materials, such as solid steel or durable metal alloys. The higher the range, the better the materials, the better the anchorages and the better the fitting options. The main purpose is to prevent the lock from being tampered with or drilled. The most advanced models are even capable of withstanding bullet impacts.

As well as providing additional physical protection, protective shields often come with additional features, such as anti-drill plates, which make unauthorised intrusion even more difficult. With the right tools the thief could destroy the shield, but the necessary tools are so expensive that they usually desist, i.e. it also serves as a deterrent.

Installing a lock escutcheon therefore significantly improves the resistance of the lock against tampering or picking attempts, which contributes to strengthening the overall security of the door. These devices are an effective preventative measure and are recommended by security experts to protect both residential and commercial properties.

Protective escutcheon for lock

When to install a lock escutcheon

These devices are particularly useful in situations where the security of an existing lock is to be reinforced. In case you are in doubt, here are some circumstances in which the use of lock shields is recommended:

  1. Old or weak locks: Ideally the lock should be replaced, but in the meantime the installation of a protective shield can strengthen its resistance to common burglary techniques.
  2. Vulnerable properties: Those considered more vulnerable to burglary, such as homes in high-risk areas or businesses with valuables, may benefit from lock shields as an additional preventative measure.
  3. Need for improved security: If you want to improve the overall security of your home or business, these elements certainly add a layer of security that can complement other measures, such as alarm systems and surveillance cameras.
  4. Preventing advanced methods of forced entry: Protective shields help prevent more sophisticated burglary techniques, such as bumping, drilling and extraction, by providing an additional layer of strength and protection.

I have a high security lock, is it necessary to fit a security escutcheon?

A security shield should certainly be installed wherever possible. Medium and high-end security cylinders will offer you a lot of protection, but it is always advisable that everything is even, and to avoid vandalism and frustrated burglary attempts, it is better to have a shield that prevents any damage to the lock.

In short, lock shields are ideal in situations where an additional level of security is required. It is always advisable to consult a professional locksmith to determine the specific need and to ensure that it is installed correctly.

If you need a professional and experienced locksmith, contact us. We offer services in Fuengirola, Mijas, Benalmádena, Torremolinos, Marbella and Málaga city.

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