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Anti-squatting lock

Cerradura anti okupas

In coastal towns such as Marbella, Mijas, Fuengirola or Benalmádena squatting can be a serious problem. To avoid such cases, one of the best options is to have an anti-squatting lock. These locks have several features that prevent squatters from entering your home or business premises. Below, we will explain in detail what anti-squatting locks are, how they work, where to buy them and the price they usually cost.

Anti-squatting locks are one of the best ways to protect us, but it is also advisable to have additional systems such as alarms or surveillance cameras. No system is foolproof, but the more obstacles we put in place, the more they will think about it and possibly opt for another property that is easier to invade.

What are anti-squatting locks?

Anti-squatting locks are a type of lock that prevents any squatter from gaining access to your property. These are locks with anti-bumping systems and other security measures that make them very difficult to break into, even for a professional locksmith.

Anti-bumping locks have a special mechanism that prevents the use of techniques such as bumping. This technique is used by professional locksmiths, but is also used by squatters to break into homes. This involves using a modified key which, once inserted into the lock, can force the pistons of the cylinder, allowing the door to turn and open.

Professional locksmiths have known this procedure for many years, of course we use it to help customers when they leave their keys at home or lose them, however nowadays on the Internet you can find all kinds of information and tools, and thieves and squatters are the most interested in finding methods to pick locks, hook into the keys and use them for their own purposes. electricity connections, etc.

If you have a standard lock in your home or business premises, our recommendation is to replace it. At Cerrajero La Paz we have extensive experience installing security locks to deter burglars and squatters. Just as they know the tools and procedures, they also know the locks and know when it doesn’t pay to complicate their lives.

How do anti-squatting locks work?

Anti-squatting locks work by preventing someone from using a technique such as bumping to pick the lock. This is achieved with a cylinder body made of highly resistant metal alloys, with a system that prevents the removal of the lock and steel pins to resist almost any drilling.

These are premium locks, the manufacturers know what they are up against, so they also have high security keys, whose shape disables the bumping method and the use of picklocks, as well as active elements inside that make these keys cannot be copied.

Installation of anti-squatting locks in Malaga

If you own several properties or business premises that are now empty our advice is to install anti-squatting locks. In Malaga or anywhere on the Costa del Sol we can offer you a professional service and the best locks on the market to give you peace of mind.

Avoid buying locks from a Chinese bazaar or DIY supermarkets, they usually offer poorer quality products and are well known to squatters. Even if you have to invest a little more, it is definitely worth it, as you will avoid having fights with squatters and dealing with lawyers and solicitors.

A professional locksmith can advise you and offer you the best solution adapted to your budget or needs. The price of this type of lock varies, depending on the brand and above all on the security features it incorporates. We also evaluate the doors, in case it is advisable to consider replacing them or reinforcing them with additional elements such as multi-point or electronic locks.

Avoid worries and ask for a personalised quote, we will be delighted to attend to your case.

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