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Multi-point locks to improve home security

If you are looking for the best security system for your home lock, multipoint locks are one of the best options. If you live in Malaga, Cerrajero La Paz can come to your home to offer you advice and a free estimate.

You can choose between 3 and 5 front points, as well as points above and below the door with anti-leverage hooks.

In residential high security there is a wide range of options, the best brands offer fabulous products that turn your door into a barrier that is extremely difficult to break through. Especially when the systems are combined in an appropriate way, e.g. a multi-point security system with security cylinders and burglar-resistant shields.

multipoint locks
Siegenia multipoint lock

What is a multi-point security lock?

A multi-point security lock locks a door in its frame at several points. Many thieves simply turn away as soon as they detect these systems, they are not interested in complicating their lives or wasting time trying to unlock these systems.

It should be borne in mind that we are talking about systems that are not only sophisticated, but also use very resistant materials such as enamelled or galvanised steel. The tools and skill required to drill or dismantle them are not available to just any thief.

Therefore, for the homeowner the investment is really worthwhile, both to increase the security of the home and as a deterrent for burglars who are not particularly interested in burglarising our home.

The multipoint security lock can be mounted in various ways: with roller cams, block bolts, hook bolts or pin bolts. Of all of them, one of the most commonly used locks today are multipoint hook locks because they manage to lock the door properly in the frame.

Multi-point cylinder lock or handle lock?

It is possible that until now you have never heard of these systems, but this is the amazing thing about the Internet, that in a few minutes we can learn very interesting things that help us to make a better decision.

Multi-point cylinder locks are locks that are operated with one key. In other words, there is no handle that we have to pull down to open the door. As the main door of a residence it is the most usual, in any case we can find a handle but on the inside.

Handle locks are more commonly used on less important doors, for example for a storage room or for access to interior areas of a house or building. If security is what we are looking for, the multipoint cylinder lock is always the best option.

Multipoint electronic locks

In locksmithing innovation does not cease, now we can combine the security of multi-point locks with electronic locks by card, remote control, among others.

The most sophisticated doors, in addition to mechanical systems, have electronic systems with motors to lock and unlock the door automatically. This is really convenient and especially useful for older people and those with reduced mobility.

If for some reason we do not trust electronic locks 100%, multi-point locks can be equipped with a security key that disables the electronic system.

Professional locksmiths in Malaga

A multi-point lock is a very secure way to lock your home or business. There are a multitude of solutions for every type of door, multipoint locks can be adapted to aluminium, iron or wooden doors.

In Locksmith La Paz we are experts in installation of multipoint cylinder lock, with or without handle. If you have this system but it has suffered an incident and needs repair or replacement, you can also count on our professional locksmith service.

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