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Panic bar installation

instalacion barra antipanico

In certain circumstances, safety regulations in Spain require the installation of panic bars at emergency exits or escape routes. This security measure prevents dangerous overcrowding in case of emergency (attacks, fires, natural disasters, etc.).

When a mass of people panic, if the exit routes are blocked, the situation can become dramatic. In a hurry and nervousness, pushing and shoving, crushing, suffocation, panic attacks, etc. occur. Having a system installed by professional locksmiths and with all the guarantees is the best way of prevention.

In Cerrajero la Paz we are specialists in the installation of panic bars in Malaga. We will give you a quote for all the doors you need, single or double leaf. We are committed to the best brands such as Tesa or Cisa to guarantee their proper functioning when necessary.

What is a panic push bar?

The crash bar is a safety device that we install on doors to facilitate opening in the event of an emergency. You have probably seen them in many public buildings such as cinemas, shopping centres, hospitals, etc., both in emergency exits and in evacuation routes in areas that can become overcrowded, such as sports stadiums or theatres.

As its name suggests, the panic bar is a metal handle that runs horizontally across the door and is usually red in colour to attract attention and make it very intuitive to use. The idea is that the user presses on the bar and it triggers the opening mechanism. Just like a door handle, the locking latch is released when the bar is pushed down and people can get out of the lock without any problems.

This security measure is installed in public and private premises in compliance with security regulations. If you want to install a panic bar in your home or business, now you can contact Cerrajero la Paz.

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