Locksmith service in Cala de Mijas. We are a group of locksmiths working in the whole area of Cala de Mijas and Mijas Costa. We have the best training and tools to achieve total professionalism in all our interventions.

Throughout our professional career, we have managed to position ourselves as the most loved locksmiths in the area. We are professional locksmiths, serious and committed to the needs and urgency of our customers.

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If you need a professional locksmith in Cala de Mijas, do not hesitate to call us, we will be happy to assist you and offer you the best solutions. We are a team of dynamic people and eager to work, you will not regret to call us.


Looking for a cheap locksmith in Cala de Mijas? In Cerrajeros La Paz we have totally personalized rates with the best prices in the area. Our prices are different depending on whether you call us during the day or night, or if you call us on weekends or holidays.

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Our prices are known throughout Cala de Mijas for being the best and most reasonable. We do not abuse people's needs and we try to adapt to every situation in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Just as for a reform in Mijas would choose the best professionals at the best price, with Cerrajería La Paz enjoy work with a high level of quality and perfection. In addition, we work with the best brands of locks and cylinders, but in any case, we can advise the customer to make the most appropriate choice in each case.


Cualquier cerrajero que se precie y que trabaje de manera profesional, debe estar disponible las 24 horas del día. Este es un requisito indispensable, ya que cada persona tiene derecho a disponer de su horario como mejor le venga. Por este motivo nos presentamos a la población de Cala de Mijas como cerrajeros 24 horas.

We work every day of the year without exception, we are the locksmiths 24/7 that you need, don't waste any more time searching and trust in Cerrajeros La Paz.


We offer immediate intervention for any locksmithing emergency 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The services offered by our experienced staff can also be requested during the summer or winter holidays, thanks to a 24h non stop availability. We collaborate with the best experts in this field, offering complete coverage in the city.


We attend any emergency locksmith service throughout the area of Cala de Mijas and surroundings. We are serious and very professional, so you will not have to worry about anything, we take care of your emergency and solve it very quickly.

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We can be there in less than 20 minutes. We work quickly and with incredible precision. We strive for perfection in all our repairs.

Do not hesitate and call us if you are looking for a locksmith on call in Cala de Mijas, we will be happy to serve you as you deserve, because we are nothing without our customers.


It is quite common, and we often encounter it, for people to lose their keys at night while out with their friends. In these cases it is important to be able to get home to get enough rest to face the next day. If someone loses their keys, we recommend always changing the entire lock, as someone may find the keys and find the person's address.


This is one of the most common examples that require a lock change. As we said before, our team is always available for any eventuality. We know how to deal with this type of situation and we offer a quick response so that the client can sleep peacefully.

Cerrajeros La Paz is an emergency locksmith service that operates throughout the area of Cala de Mijas in a professional manner. If you notice that the lock on your door is broken and needs to be changed, call us and one of our specialized technicians will come to your home as soon as possible.


Realizamos cambios de bombines, en la mayoría de los casos recomendamos la colocación de los modelos denominados “anti bumping”. Gracias a nuestra experiencia en el campo, podemos ofrecer los mejores bombines para garantizar la seguridad de tu casa u oficina.

We have the most prestigious brands of bowler hats, Tesa, Mauer, Fichet, Tecsesa, Sidese, Multlock, Keso, Kaba, Iseo, etc. As you can see, our range is very wide, and this is just a small example of all the brands we offer our customers.

cerrajero cambiar bombin

Our main objective is always to improve the safety of our customers. With the installation of anti-bumping cylinders, we manage to eliminate the main vulnerability of the old locks: the opening by the bumping method.

The bumping method, is a technique used by locksmiths to open doors, unfortunately, this technique has been copied by criminals to break in. With the installation of anti-bumping cylinders we manage to eliminate that possibility, making any lock much more secure.


In the locksmith's trade, the most accomplished task is undoubtedly the opening of doors. Our clients ask us for this service for various reasons: loss of keys, forgetting keys inside, theft of keys, etc.


In Cerrajeros La Paz we have the ability to open any type or model of door, no matter if it is a simple door, an armored door or an armored door, our specialist will know the best way to proceed.

Let us open that door that resists and trusts Cerrajeros La Paz.

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