We are the best professional locksmiths you can find in Benalmádena. You can request our services by calling 642 490 411. We work throughout Benalmádena and the surrounding area in order to provide the best possible locksmith service. We have the ability to come quickly and carry out fast and economical repairs.

Our locksmiths in Benalmádena intervene, whether it is a private individual or a professional, in a fast, efficient way and with total transparency. Available 7 days a week throughout the city, our team guarantees a quality intervention.

cerrajero en benalmádena

All our locksmiths are professionals of the trade, have a diploma and/or qualification and all the necessary skills.

In a few clicks you request a qualified locksmith, close to you and immediately available to carry out any locksmith repair: opening the door, opening the lock, changing the cylinders, etc... The experience and continuous updating in the field of security, provide our network of collaborators the ability to deal with any type of situation and solve any problem.

The company has become a leader in the sector and has founded its pillars on 4 ideals: transparency, friendliness, honesty and professionalism. Do you want to meet us? Call us! We are able to work with a wide range of brands and fix new or old models. Each of our operations is always guaranteed by an impeccable execution and an excellent efficiency, offering the guarantees required by the Spanish law.


Many times locksmiths have a reputation for being too expensive. Luckily for you, we have managed to adjust the prices to suit the times. We have affordable rates for all pockets, and offer alternatives when prices are too high for the customer.

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Consult the rates we have prepared for you without obligation. We will try, as far as possible, to make telephone quotations without obligation.

Sometimes, we can only make estimates if we make the assessment of the damage in the place where it is located. There are certain types of incidents that we cannot consider over the phone. In any case, we will inform you by phone of everything we can.


24 hour assistance in the service of opening doors, replacing locks, changing cylinders, opening safes, etc ... throughout the territory of Benalmádena. We are ready to intervene in all areas of Benalmádena for all types of locksmith repairs, 24 hours a day even on public holidays.


We are operational all year round, even at night, on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, even in August! Call us and find out how fast our 24-hour service is. Contact us and our specialized technicians will be able to solve your problems in the best way and quickly.

Our team of specialized locksmiths is operational 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to give you immediate solutions and all the peace of mind you need throughout the city of Benalmádena.


Do you need a locksmith in Benalmádena? We can repair a damaged lock, a lock that locks or a door that does not open. Indeed, it is not uncommon for you to leave your house having forgotten your keys. It happens many more times than you think, luckily, Cerrajeros La Paz is always available for you.

cerrajero de emergencia

Thanks to our training, we will be able to intervene in an emergency and open a door for you without compromising your safety. Sometimes it's even useful to replace the lock. This is possible thanks to the use of high-performance tools that have been designed to deal with all situations: locksmithing emergencies, troubleshooting, installing and opening doors, cylinders, etc... Our locksmithing company solves all your problems in record time while respecting the material.


A professional is not afraid of the situations that come his way, the same goes for locks. Whether they are sophisticated or not, we can easily help you, even if the door has a reinforced lock. Therefore, we will be able to repair a broken lock, replace it or replace your damaged or old doors.


Sometimes, openings require special attention, as the past few years have taken their toll on their safety. Sometimes, you should not hesitate to change them. If you cannot decide which materials to choose, we can help you choose.

Locksmiths La Paz is the best service for changing locks in Benalmádena. Our company is specialized in the emergency intervention of locksmiths and guarantees you a quick change of locks in any area of the city. Just a simple call and one of our locksmiths will arrive at your home or business as soon as possible.


Changing cylinder is one of the most popular requests in our business, we have been doing this type of work every day for years. This is undoubtedly our best letter of introduction, as it demonstrates our extensive experience in the field. We have the best known brands on the market, although we adapt to the needs of the customer.

cerrajero cambiar bombin

You don't know how to change your cylinder? No problem, we're experts!

We make changes of cylinders without leaving marks or damaging other components, we are careful and we always look for the satisfaction of the customer. It is very important to us that our clients speak well of our interventions.

We usually work with anti-bumping cylinders. With them we provide the maximum security to any lock, bringing an extra peace of mind to any home that mounts this type of cylinder on its doors. We always recommend this type of cylinder.


If you are looking for experts in opening doors, you can count on our door opening service in Benalmádena. We've been doing this job forever, even since we were only found through the yellow pages. The experience we bring with us has led us to cover all services related to your home or business door.

Imagine you have a pizzeria in Benalmadena and when you arrive to open the shutter, the lock doesn't work or the lock has been vandalised. It is an unpleasant situation and one in which an urgent locksmith is needed, at least to lift the shutter of the business and be able to work. We can help and advise you to replace it with a more secure and resistant lock.


We guarantee 100% the opening of your door, and in 99% of the cases, we open it without causing unnecessary breakages.

The locksmiths who work for our company are constantly updated with the most advanced systems in the field of security, so with just one call they will open the door, if you wish, they will install a new state-of-the-art lock to improve your peace of mind.

There are no secrets for us when it comes to opening doors, whether it is a security door or a wooden door, our locksmiths will know how to intervene without damaging the door. Only experience in the field and the sensitivity that develops with repetition can provide the expertise of our technicians.

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