If you are looking for a locksmith in Torremolinos you are in the right place, we are the most serious and professional locksmiths in Torremolinos. Málaga. We work throughout the town and surrounding areas providing a quality locksmith service at very reasonable prices. We offer multiple services providing our latest generation tools and the highest quality in our work.

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We are known for our great reputation, our punctuality and the way we deal with our clients. We know how important the satisfaction of a job well done is, both for us and for the people who trust us with their safety.

Are you looking for a professional locksmith in Torremolinos? Do you need the assistance of an experienced technician, to solve urgent problems with locks, armoured doors, safes, blinds, cylinders and car doors? If you need to replace your lock or if you are looking for a door opening service in this town call us right now. Our master locksmiths will solve your problems quickly and cheaply.


Finding a cheap locksmith in Torremolinos is easier than ever, so you should call us at 642490411, in a few minutes you will have the best professional in the area at your disposal, ready to carry out any locksmith work.

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In some cases we can offer you free estimates over the phone, but sometimes we need to go to the site to properly assess a repair. In any case, we recommend that you call us so that we can inform you of our excellent rates.

We carry out cheap locksmith work, with all the quality standards and, of course, with all the legal guarantees required by current legislation. If we make a mistake, we will come back free of charge. We work without intermediaries to achieve the best prices.


We make it really easy for you, as we are available 24 hours a day. We work tirelessly to offer the best and most complete locksmith service in Torremolinos. We wouldn't be totally professional if we didn't offer a continuous 24 hour service.


Locksmiths La Paz is your trusted locksmith, 365 days a year

Our customers can have problems all day long, that's why we have total availability. We are your locksmith on duty, call us any time of the day. We are available 365 days a year.

Do you need a 24/7 locksmith? We are available right now, look no further and contact us. We work for your peace of mind, we work to make your life easier, because everyone loses their keys sometime in their life. Call us and check out our great prices.

Click on our call icon and you can contact us immediately.


One of the most demanded orders by our customers is the opening of doors, we are specialists and we open without breakage. We offer you the fastest and most professional service when it comes to opening the door to your home. Do not worry if you forget the keys inside, your problem will be solved quickly.


We have the necessary training, and the experience accumulated over many years, to open any type of door, whether it is armoured, battleship or a simple door. None of us can resist, remember that you are in the hands of true professionals with extensive experience in locksmithing.

We are very careful and avoid unnecessary breakages, your door will remain intact. We open without breakage for your peace of mind and savings. Call us if you have forgotten your keys inside the house.


You will probably have to look for an emergency locksmith in Torremolinos on occasion and Benalmádena. In any of the cases in which you need one, we will be available and willing to move quickly to any area of the city. We attend to any locksmith emergency you may have, day or night. We are the urgent locksmiths you are looking for.

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As part of our way of working, we are committed to working on emergency and non-emergency services. Our years of experience have taught us to value our clients as they deserve, and we take advantage of any service that comes our way. If the client needs us, we will be there quickly.

We are ready and willing for any kind of emergency, locks, doors, light bulbs, etc. Our satisfaction guarantee is backed by our years of experience.


One of the most demanding tasks is the changing of the cilinders. We change bowler hats in Torremolinos efficiently and very quickly. We have the best brands available to our customers to ensure the best security for the home or business.

We carry out personalized cilinder replacement work, recommend the best options and guarantee our repairs. Let us advise you and we will install the most suitable cylinders for your lock.

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We are committed to installing the best brands of pumps available on the market, so you can be sure that the safety of your home or business has increased, thanks to the effectiveness of anti-bumping cylinders.

We are distributors of the best European brands of new generation cylinders. Contact us to request a visit: our qualified and competent staff will be able to suggest the best solution for your needs.


We know how annoying it is to find a broken lock in the middle of the night and not know where to turn. With us you don't have to worry about that anymore, you can contact us every day at any time. Whether it is on Sunday or Christmas Day, at 5 a.m. or midnight, our locksmiths are always ready to intervene throughout the Torremolinos area, guaranteeing a professional and fast lock change service.


Your lock is defective but you don't know the model or type? No matter, our lock change services cover a wide range of locks. Don't wait any longer, go to our contact section by clicking aquí and reserve the intervention of one of our locksmiths.

Armored doors have fairly strong locks, but it can happen that they break after a few years due to wear and tear. Failures can occur at any time... Don't worry! Contact Locksmith La Paz and we will immediately send a locksmith to change the lock on your security door, quickly and professionally.

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